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ICU Speaker Series: Hire Katherine to speak to your organization

Ability and intelligence are just two of the things that customers decide about your employees in the initial seven seconds of a first impression. Could your team use a little help?

“Katherine is an engaging and informative speaker. The day after she spoke to our sales team, you could see the team had listened. They looked better, the carried themselves better and they even spoke with more clarity and authority.”

We offer packaged presentations as well as customized training options for companies and individual coaching within companies. As with our individual services, we conduct a thorough needs analysis with our clients to determine which service offering is most appropriate. Let Katherine know if you have any requests.

Corporate Training and Packaged Workshop Topics Include:

  • Professional clothing and grooming
  • Using image as a strategic tool for career development
  • Image development to increase sales
  • The science behind perception
  • Links between image and economics
  • Business and dining etiquette
  • Presenting in person and on camera
  • Using your voice and body language effectively in business


Dress Code Development

We understand the need for your company to be professionally represented by your employees and we offer a step by step process for developing and implementing dress codes that align with your company’s values and brand while considering the needs of the individual employee. The process includes:

  • Needs analysis
  • Project planning and timeline creation for implementation
  • Consulting as a subject matter expert on professional dress aligned with company brand
  • Dress code documentation consultation, design and development
  • Training material consultation, design and development
  • Facilitation of discussion and training on dress code guidelines
  • Delivery of training on how to implement the dress code guidelines effectively
  • Formal evaluation and project review
  • Ongoing support solutions


Retail Training

If you’re like most clothing retailers, you know that many women want help when they come into your store. Sometimes retail consultants don’t have enough experience or knowledge to provide really good assistance. As a result, many retailers lose customers because they either leave with the wrong things and don’t come back, or they leave with fewer items than they could have because their full needs for their wardrobe just weren’t met.

This is where the Image SellsTM Program comes in – we arm sales staff with the image tools they need to better serve the customer. When staff know more and can put customers in clothes that really work, they end up with more units per transaction, higher dollar sales overall and happier customers that come back more often.

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