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Personal or Professional Brand & Image Coaching for Individuals

The following outlines ICU Image Consulting’s services for individuals. If you represent a company and your team could benefit from image consulting, view ICU’s Speaker Series for companies or inquire about having a customized workshop developed for a small or large group based on one of our packages below.

All of our service packages include: 

  • Complimentary 30 minute mini-meeting to learn a bit more about each other and see if there’s a fit.
  • Discovery Session to accurately assess your current situation.
  • The perfect combination of services based on your unique profile from our Discovery Session.
  • Written session plan so you know exactly what to expect in the process.
  • Referrals to our preferred hair stylists, makeup artists, naturopaths, coaches and counselors as needed.
  • Additional recommendations for educational resources on the internet and in print.
  • Self-study exercises for you to  practice the skills you learn during your sessions.
  • Program evaluation and review to ensure we meet your goals and deliver results.
  • Ongoing maintenance programs for continued support as you grow and learn
  • Access to exclusive client news, events and programs as a member of our ICU Community.


Dig In Package (Get a quick start!)

ABOUT YOU: Are you are stepping out in your world and becoming more visible? Perhaps you want your image to match who you are as you transition in to a new role. You definitely want to create your image based on your own terms and you love concrete information, and you don’t have a lot of time to git ‘er done. Our DIG IN package will get you started:

  • Colour and Style Overview
  • Closet Sort and Purge
  • Personal Shopping


Weeds & Seeds Package (Clear the undergrowth, plant new ideas!)

ABOUT YOU: Do you want to be supported in the change process while learning how to create (and recreate) your image yourself? Our WEEDS & SEEDS package will give you the guidance and tools you need.

  • Colour and Style Overview
  • Personality and Lifestyle Overview
  • Closet Sort and Purge
  • Personal Shopping
  • Putting it Together – Mixing, Matching and Accessorizing

See Client Testimonials: Kerri, Maureen, Tricia, JeaneGET STARTED

Roots & Shoots Package (Let new knowledge take root!)

ABOUT YOU: Is it time to redefine your personal style? Your life is changing and you want your image to match. You want to make changes on the inside as well as the outside. You like to learn things in-depth and apply them yourself. Sounds like our ROOTS & SHOOTS package could be perfect for you:

  • In-depth analysis sessions:
    • Colour Analysis
    • Body Analysis and Appreciation
    • Personality Style Analysis
    • Lifestyle and Wardrobe Analysis
  • Closet Sort, Purge and Organize
  • Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Plan
  • Personal Shopping
  • Putting it Together, Mixing, Matching and Accessorizing

See Client Testimonials: Louise GET STARTED

Leaves & Trees Package (Fully blossom into the rediscovered you!)

ABOUT YOU: Are you ready to build a complete new look and comprehensive personal brand? Your life is changing and you want your image to match. You want to make changes on the inside as well as the outside. You like to learn things in-depth with a lot of detail and explanation. You enjoy personal support and guidance in applying the principles. LEAVES & TREES is our elite package and it’s for you!

  • In-Depth Analysis Sessions, including:
    • Colour Analysis and Application for finding your best colours, when and where to wear them, how to combine them effectively and the psychology of the colours you wear.
    • Body Analysis and Appreciation for fit and style.
    • Full body-mind psychosomatic analysis and exercises to deepen your appreciation for and connection with the body you have – every body has a story and yours is worth exploring.
    • Personality Style Analysis for personal brand creation, with six separate assessments and exercises for you to define your personal brand on your own terms.
    • Wardrobe Analysis to determine where your existing choices fall in line with your new personal brand and a complete Wardrobe Catalogue and Plan to create a new wardrobe incorporating the principles you’ve learned from the analysis process
  • Closet Sort, Purge, Organize including hanger replacement, container solutions, clothing care gift bag, cleaning and removal of items for consignment or donation
  • Personal Shopping Sessions to create a complete new wardrobe
  • Putting it All Together – creation of complete wardrobe modules, lookbook, outfits for special occasions and accessorizing effectively
  • Appointment setting with our team of professionals, accompanied by your consultant.
  • Six Month Closet Review and Shop
  • Complete Project Debrief to review goals and results and create your ongoing support plan
  • Before photos and a professional photo shoot afterwards to document your transformation.

See Client Testimonials: Sheila GET STARTED

Mixed Bouquet

ABOUT YOU: Perhaps you want to have a specific need addressed or perhaps you’re not sure if a package such as the ones above will fit your needs. Here are some of the things we might include in your customized session:

  • Image Assessment to determine where you’re at and where you need to grow
  • Colour Analysis to determine the best colours for your natural colouring (includes swatch wallet)
  • Body Analysis to determine the best styles for your body type
  • Body Appreciation and Acceptance
  • Psychosomatic Analysis to refine your body language.
  • Personality Style Analysis to determine the best styles for your personality type
  • Wardrobe and Lifestyle Analysis to determine what to keep, what to toss and what to wear when
  • Wardrobe Planning to assemble the best modules from your closet and identify gaps.
  • Closet Sorting, Purging and Organizing
  • Effective Accessorizing, Mixing and Matching
  • Personal Shopping
  • Dining Etiquette
  • Dating Etiquette
  • Professional Presentation for Public Speaking
  • Looking Good on Camera
  • Leadership Presence for Business
  • Image Coaching and Support
  • Consultation for photo shoots, interviews, weddings and other special events


FOR COMPANIES: If you represent a company and your team could benefit from image consulting, view ICU’s Speaker Series & services for companies.

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