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Tricia’s ICU Experience

Tricia first met Katherine when she was referred by a coach she had been working with. Having achieved great success in her work and in her personal life, she was learning to become more comfortable in the dating world. One of her main goals was to be able to express her femininity in a way that felt real and right to her and was also easy to maintain. Through her six sessions of colour, body, personality, wardrobe and lifestyle analysis, as well as a few sessions of shopping education she learned what it meant for her to be feminine in her appearance without sacrificing any of her beautiful strength and natural manner. She learned to shop effectively, turning her shopping trips from a nightmare to a dream and she learned to embody her own lovely version of French chic. What she discovered was a new appreciation for her curves and a love of fun fashion that was previously foreign. And she can still get ready in less than 15 minutes. Easy care and easy style is now her everyday experience.

Tricia’s ICU Experience included the following package:

Weeds & Seeds

Before & After



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