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Sheila’s ICU Experience

Sheila is shown here in the middle of her first set of image development sessions with ICU. She first met Katherine after hearing her speak at a seminar for Professional Women with HSBC. She wanted to elevate and polish her professional image. What she didn’t expect was the level of self-exploration and life-changing perspective shift that accompanied the changes in her appearance. While learning about the colours and styles that best suited her personality and creating a wardrobe that satisfied her clothing needs and her soul, she also learned how deep image development can go, branching out into redesigning her home space and creating room in her world for the vibrant, intelligent and sensitive person that she is. Sheila is an amazing example of commitment to a process that has changed her view of the world – she continues to meet with Katherine regularly to dive into the details of setting up her best personal wardrobe and best personal life. And as for her work image? She recently was promoted into a global role and has relocated to Hong Kong to continue her upward journey.  She continues to gain the respect of her supervisors and peers and pays close attention to how her image impacts her daily professional and personal interactions.

Sheila’s ICU Experience included the following package:

Leaves & Trees

Before & After

Sheila Wong Headshot 4 Here is Sheila’s most recent iPhone shot, taken to update her LinkedIn profile, showing her latest    hairstyle, casual top in her colours and her inner confidence shining through.




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