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Louise’s ICU Experience

Louise is a talented local sculptor and painter and general force to be reckoned with. Whether dealing out wise-woman wisdom or wisecracks, she is a source of support and light to her entire community. Louise met Katherine after witnessing a friend’s transformational experience. At first she just intended to have her colours done, but after her first meeting with Katherine she realized that there was more to it than just draping.  She is moving into a more public role with her art and wanted to ensure her image was aligned with her larger aspirations, while remaining in keeping with the other roles she plays in her life. Through a nine-session package and ongoing check-ins, she went through a development process of self-discovery from learning the best colours for her to learning how to step confidently into her “public artist” shoes while drawing a line of congruency and authenticity through her entire closet. From work clothes right to the opera, Louise always wears what fits, what looks amazing and what shows off her awesome creative spirit. You can find her work at

Louise’s ICU Experience included the following package:

Roots & Shoots

Before & After


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