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Kerri’s ICU Experience

Kerri met with Katherine after hearing her speak at a marketing seminar on image and visual communication. Kerri was going through a life transition having recently separated, moved and started a new job. She wanted to build her self-confidence through accepting and understanding herself more fully and learning more about her colours, shape, style and personality. She also hated shopping because it was so frustrating and overwhelming. Throughout the course of six sessions, she learned the colours and styles that best suited her body, lifestyle and personality and how to shop effectively. She also sorted and purged the existing items in her closet and catalogued them in order to start building a wardrobe that would meet her needs. Since then, we’ve met again to organize her closet to ensure she’s always got an outfit for whatever she needs to do and to shop for more items to continue building an effective and personalized wardrobe. Shopping has become much easier and it’s a pleasure for her to get dressed for the day. More importantly, she’s got an expert in her pocket to answer any questions that come up and help guide her as she continues her image development journey and she always looks and feels great.

Kerri’s ICU Experience included the following package:

Weeds & Seeds

Before & After



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