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Jeane’s ICU Experience

Jeane met with Katherine after finding her via a Google search for image consultants in Vancouver. Jeane is a high-level financial officer with a non-profit society in the lower mainland and was concerned that her professional image wasn’t fully showcasing her level of expertise and credibility. She was feeling frumpy in the clothing she was wearing daily and wanted to know how to choose clothing that was beautiful, functional and perfect for her without a lot of effort. She is in the process of completing her CMA designation, adding advanced education to her extensive career experience.  A tall, shapely, intelligent and feisty woman, Jeane learned through her six session package to accept and appreciate her beauty and her creative side. She found that clothing could be fun and expressive while operating in the context of a professional and approachable look. She’s also learned to elevate her casual image as well and now enjoys more than just tee shirts and jeans when hanging out with her cool musician husband and her fabulous kids. She has since met with Katherine for presentation skills coaching and continues to check in as her image develops and evolves.

Jeane’s ICU Experience included the following package:

Weeds & Seeds

Before & After


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