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What is Image Consulting and Professional Branding or Presence Development?

Working on your personal brand and professional presence is essential to your success. Our approach to presence or image development contains three components: Walk the walk (carrying yourself well), talk the talk (communicate effectively) and look the part (making your visual match who you really are so your first and lasting impressions are accurate).

ICU Image Consultants are technically trained and certified, and that’s an important distinction. We provide solid tools and education. Our teachings are not based on some sort of intuitive sense of what looks good on you; our techniques give you lasting knowledge.  Although a fashionable friend can be fun to shop with, a trained image consultant will help you make sense of what looks good on you and why.  At ICU Image Consulting, it’s not about trends; it’s about you.  [+] READY TO GET STARTED?

Reason #1 why people hire an image consultant:
“I want to make the process of dressing and shopping easier”

Who is Image Consulting for?

The #1  reason people hire an image consultant is they want to make the process of dressing and shopping easier. Some other common reasons people hire an image consultant include:

  • Wanting to feel better about clothing choices
  • Wanting to feel more confident
  • Wanting to know what colours work (and don’t work)
  • Wanting to know what silhouettes work for your body type
  • Wanting to know what to buy and where to buy it

Many of our clients come to us after a life change or when they want life to change…

  • Weight loss/gain
  • Job hunting
  • Landed a new job
  • A new or higher profile role
  • Seeking a promotion or more success at work
  • A new relationship
  • Ending a relationship

One thing is for sure… having a strong sense of personal style, presenting your best self to the world, and doing that every day with ease will improve your life.


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